CAKE POPS RECIPE | blueberry and vanilla | homemade sanding sugar
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Flavours & Frosting
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  • 4 cups vanilla cake crumbs 2 heaped tablespoons blueberry preserve (should contain 75% fruit or more) Few drops of blueberry extract (I used Lorann oils) 1/2 stick/57g/2 ounce butter (without salt at room temperature) 2 heaped tablespoons sifted icing sugar 250g melted white chocolate pink sanding sugar cake pop sticks Instructions
  • 4 year old girl. What 4 year old would not love sparkly, diamond, pink cake pops for her birthday I haven´t been “4” for decades but I still get excited about pink sparkly things.. that part of me has never left me.. and I hope it never does



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